Ball on a String [EP]

by Nate Valence

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released December 15, 2010



all rights reserved


Nate Valence Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Sad Steps (Improvisations on a Sentence by Philip Larkin)
Groping my way back to bed after a piss
I am startled by my loneliness
Been here a decade and still I don’t know
Where the walls are
Am I unrecognizable in the dark?
Does my soul ever speak or my heart?
Whatever the hell those things are
Lie to me, lie to me, somebody lie to me
Lie with me
Lie to me, lie to me, somebody lie with me
Lie with me

I’m coming down with something
A chronic malaise
I’ll see a film tomorrow
Then masturbate
Something in black and white
Maybe even in French
Un condamné à mort s’est échappé
Die with me, die with me, somebody die with me
Die for me
Die with me, die with me, somebody die with me
Die for me
Die for me

Three Sad Steps more to the moonless bed
I’ll lay awake for an hour – maybe sit up and read
Oh, what the hell, I’ll just jerk off right now
And be done with it
Then fall asleep with my left hand still clutching
My instrument
I close my eyes with one ragged, old prayer
If there’s a God, I hope He doesn’t care
I don’t care
Track Name: Alcohol
I've never been one for cigarettes
They taste like the inside of a diesel exhaust
But if you smoke them I don’t really mind
'Cause I’ve got my own share of faults

I've never been one for pornography
Kagney Linn Karter would never fuck me
But if you get your kicks watching blacks on blondes
I get mine from something else.

Alcohol. Alcohol. Alcohol.
Just let me have one more drink

I've never been one for weed
I know that you’ll probably all disagree
But as much as you like it, it just can't compete
To that first sip of glorious…